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Employee Experience

Learning | Skilling | Career Mobility

EdCast Learning Experience Platform (LXP) unifies learning, skill building and career development in the flow of work. From communications and productivity apps in everyday use to functional specific systems, EdCast Learning Experience Platform fosters a culture of learning enabling you to attract, develop and retain high performing talent.

The Universe of Skills

A daunting problem faced by organizations


CHRO & HR Business Partners (HRBPs)

Learning and Development Leaders


Take control of your organizational skills with SkillsDNA™

Learning Experience

196% More Experts

Aggregate, curate, target and deliver highly personalized and contextual content at the time of need with the EdCast AI-powered learner-driven experience. Provide a unified, relevant and engaging learning experience inside applications employees use in the performance of their daily tasks.

Skilling Experience

135% Better Skills

Tame the universe of skills by leveraging SkillsDNATM. A unified architecture to normalize skills and develop capabilities for individuals, teams and organizations. Simplify workforce planning, skill development and invest in the skills for the future leveraging AI-powered skill management capabilities that work across your HCM stack.

Skills/Learning goals

Employees can select learning goals based on their current or future interests, which results in distinctive learning recommendations.

AI - Proctored Assessment

A complete assessment of full lifecycle skills management at individual, functional and organizational levels.

Skill Coins

Allows organizations to offer allowances for individual paid content purchase by employees, thus reducing friction of the reimbursement process.

Skills Exchange

Normalizes skills from multi-sources such as HCM, LMS, Content Vendors, Talent Marketplace and maps it to Skills Graph.

Skills Graph

Organizations can set the unique skill patterns that has competitive advantage for execution of the business strategy.

360 Skills Assessment

Employees can learn about their strengths and weaknesses through this assessment. It also provides relevant learning suggestions.

Customer Skill Matrix

The skills matrix offers multi-dimensional capabilities with which organizations can create and map job roles to skills. Skills proficiency provides employees visibility into skills needed for key job roles.

Skill Passport

This all-in-one transcript contains all your skills, certifications, licenses, badges, assessments and learner credentials that can be shared socially.

Skills Engine

Acquires learners skills, clean the data , then does auto-tagging and mapping with the Skills Graph.

Skills Studio

Skill studio is a front end tool used by managers and learning administrators to customize their organization taxonomy / ontology.

Career Mobility

49% Longer Retention

Enable your employees with a structured approach to acquire skills, develop expertise and build a path for a long-term fulfilling career in your organization. Reduce churn, increase productivity and retention of your star performers by delivering a full-cycle career experience from hire to retirement.


100% Data Driven Experience

Track, measure, instrument and report on learning, skilling and career development activities in one comprehensive analytics platform that help HR, L&D and frontline managers to make informed decisions.

Learning In The Flow Of Work

EdCast Marketplace

The One-Stop B2B Marketplace for All Your Training Needs

EdCast Marketplace is a global e-commerce platform that enables corporate L&D teams to source all their training products and services from a single, integrated learning ecosystem. The Marketplace offers an ever-expanding catalog of self-paced and (virtual) instructor-led training programs in Technology, Soft Skills, Leadership, Compliance, and various other subjects, in an agile and on-demand e-commerce environment.

Transformational Impact

EdCast provides transformational impact across the entire employee lifecycle.

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We've got you covered. We provide you with cutting-edge technology that will help you save time, money, and resources at the pace of your transformation.

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